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You’ve all heard about the recent disaster that is TFL refusing to renew Uber’s contract in London? Of course you have. 

But I’m not here to discuss that scandal. Uber is that reliable taxi every Londoner loves on a boozy night out. What could be more convenient than a taxi at your service at low prices? Uber changed the face is transpiration, I’m convinced there will be an entire  generation of people who do not possess driving licences. Simple because a hybrid mixture of public transport and Uber’s are much cheaper than driving in London. Uber tapped into an on demand market. 

So what’s even better than on demand transport? On demand make up and beauty services of course 😍. Missbeez is an app that encorporates just that. You pick the service which you desire, the app searches for relevant beauticians in your local area – you pick one, and you don’t need to pay until after the treatment is carried out. 

I recently had a full face of make up applied by one of their beauticians, all in the comfort of my own home. It’s a brilliant idea for busy individuals – you can book services at the drop of a hat. 

I would recommend this app to every avid beauty fan. You can pick from an array of salon services at regular prices, with the added benefit of not moving from your bedroom. 

Laziness, and beauty treatments on demand!? Sounds like a dream world to me! 


Mary Kay’s believe + wonder collection + gel semi-shine lipsticks review 

product review

On Wednesdays we wear pink 💅🏻

I’m so excited about Mary Kay’s new collection, the believe and wonder collection is based around inspiring positivity. What could be better than sweet pink products and positivity!? 

They are a new collection of bath and body items, each collection contains a shower gel, body lotion and fragrance mist. I’ve got the paint the sky collection, they smell insanely sweet (which I love, all my go to fragrances are sickly sweet). There are notes of vanilla, velvet musk and pink grapefruit which provides a refreshing sweet smell perfect for summer. Because, in England we can’t guarantee the weather – but at least we can smell summery! 

Instantaneously I have been reviewing their new lipstick range, gel semi-shine lipsticks. I have been using a nude and red shade (perfect for me because I’m way too into my comfort zone to branch out to any other colours). Also perfect for me because my lips get insanely dry using matte lipsticks, it literally drives me insane on a daily basis. Most of the time my exterior looks normal, in my mind my lips feel like an actual sand pit. It’s hard being me. 

Gel has long been discovered for nails – but not so much for lips. So when I discovered these gel lipsticks I could not wait to try them out. 

Swatches of ‘Naturally Buff’ & ‘Red Smoulder’

These lipsticks are legit my new go to. Whilst they maintain colour throughout the day – they are moisturising without being overly glossy. You don’t want to look like a 90’s rendition of Lil Kim after all… 

These amazing lipsticks are available in 12 shades! Get yours now. 💋💅🏻💋💅🏻 

The art of comparison: how Instagram is detrimental to female self-esteem 

opinion piece

I’ve had severe ups and downs with Instagram. It’s both my favourite and worst social media app. Because on the outside, it’s aesthetically pleasing to scroll through people’s seemingly perfect lives, perfect selfies, perfect food and their perfect relationships. But we often forget, usually, a huge amount of effort has gone into constructing these images. It’s fake.

As females we all have days where we are insecure. And unfortunately with social media girls of younger and younger ages are aware of their looks – and feeling an innate pressure to be conventionally attractive. Adhering to false beauty standards portrayed on social media. Now Instagram, being a visually based app – and thriving off of a like for like and comment for comment culture can breed self esteem issues.

Of course, it’s not a new concept for the media to convey unattainable beauty standards. This has been the case for traditional media platforms for most of cultural history, however the online realm; and in particular Instagram has accelerated this. Let me tell you why.

The app itself is, of course, irresponsible for a high increase in young girls developing mental health issues plagued by body image or self esteem. It’s how the app is used, and the nature of the characteristics of the app. It’s so fast moving, that users often feel pressure to upload. They have followers and ‘Insta celebrities’ they aspire to be like – and therefore this often breeds a competitive nature. Or a feeling of inferiority.

The art of comparison is what is killing our young girls souls. Scrolling through pretentious images, constructed for social validation. Comparing yourself to images that are fake. Comparing your life, your goals, your face, your ass and your entirety to someone you’ve never even met.

Possibly one of the worst things you can do in the cut throat world of Instagram is to compare. You must must must always stay grounded, remembering that most of these images are socially constructed. And even if they aren’t, everyone progresses at their own pace in life. You are doing great and that’s all you need to watch.

Survival of the fittest.

How to take flattering pictures even if you aren’t attractive 

top tips

Like your Instagram profile is basically your portfolio these days. So of course, without sounding totally shallow and like a materialistic Bitch. You need to look good. Obviously there is more to life than looking good. But it’s just better if you do also happen to appear to look good. Don’t ask questions just go with it. 

Typically speaking I don’t have the most photogenic features and I really do understand the struggle to take a good pic, so over the years I have picked up a few fail safe tricks to ensure the perfect selfie prevails. 

Here’s my top tips; 

1. Flash is not your friend 

Listen, unless you are a professional photographer or you look like Angelina Jolie I would not use flash in any circumstance. Avoid it like the plague. It shows every little blemish

2. Natural 

Of course good lighting will make all the difference to a photo, and you can’t beat natural light. I often stand next to windows or in areas where you know there is good natural lighting. This may involve awkwardly moving around a bit with camera phone in hand, and shuffling until you find the right spot

3. Base 

Of course your face needs to look great off camera too before you even attempt to get a good selfie. What I do is tend to try and contour the areas I don’t like, for example my nose. I straighten it as much as possible with darker lines, on camera it will look much better. This is also where highlighter comes in, you can highlight the points you do want to accentuate 

4. Filters 

Sometimes it just takes the right angle and filter to make a photo great. I know this isn’t great photography and it’s not very innovative – but it’s just what you need sometimes. If you use one which makes you look perfect and flawless then why not? 

Happy selfie Sunday! 💕 

Dedicated follower of Instagram 

top tips

So like it’s totally acceptable to not have a typical 9-5 job and just pursue a career on Instagram right? 

How? I hear you say. However there are people who make serious money off of their Instagram fame, using thousands of followers to launch their own brand. 

Once you reach a certain amount of followers, brand ambassadors and independant companies may pay you to advertise their products. This is just the beginning. Before you know it, you could be sent free samples of new products, and get invited to exclusive premieres and launches. Not too shabby hey! Getting paid to be completely narcissistic and take constructed selfies all day sounds like an absolute dream to me. #lifegoals 

I only have 4K followers myself, which I guess is a decent amount. And often people ask how I’ve gained so many followers.. Here are my top tips: 

1. Get active 

Quite literally. You need to be as active as you possibly can on Instagram. Once you aren’t engaged you will lose followers faster than you can say bye Bitch 🖐🏻 

2. Be that girl 

Sometimes in life you have to lower your standards to get where you need to be. I’m not encouraging you to upload naked pictures or leak a sex tape (although I heard that works out successfully for some individuals!?). No, you need to be that sufficiently annoying girl that likes everyone’s pictures and leaves nicey nice comments. It’s the only way to get noticed and gain. Think of the gains!!! 

3. Tag team 

Tagging events you go to, using relevant hashtags & being tagged in other people’s pictures can also help. Especially if you go to a fairly big event, or you are with someone else who has a huge following on Instagram. This will also gain more followers. 

4. High maintenance 

Once you’ve gained like your first 1000 followers, it becomes second nature. You must must must upkeep and maintain your profile and activity. It’s no good posting once a month – you’ll be forgotten. If you can’t manage to post because of real life commitments, you just stay active and do what you can to keep the followers you do gain. 
Get gramming! Beware Instagram can be addictive. Remember it isn’t real life kids. ✌🏻️ (Follow me: @versaceblonde) 

Editors letter

Michelle whitney; blogger, journalist, beauty & fashion extraordinaire

Michelle Whitney; blogger, journalist, beauty & fashion extraordinaire

Hi, I’m Michelle. A self-confessed beauty and fashion addict, I mean to the extent that I would buy a Prada bag for £360 and survive the next fortnight eating cheese sandwiches. I’ve done it before, and it probably won’t be the last time.

 Despite my huge passion for fashion, and the beauty industry. What really frustrates me; especially amongst young girls being a fundamental part of the ”Instagram” generation, is this pretentious fallacy that you need to exploit yourself in order to be attractive. To be winning you need to look like a slut. It’s not true, you can look great and have self-respect.

 Within this website I want to empower young girls, to convey that having class and dignity are infact the superior qualities.

 I remember a time I told quite a big lie; it was to a friend of a friend. We were on the way to my house and I just dropped it in so casually, ”I have a BMW you know, it’s outside my house, a black one I’ll show you when we get there.” I honestly had no car at all. But I knew I would one day, I had scrupulously saved for months on end; it was so close I could almost taste the co2 emissions. Now I look back, and I have my BMW, I have a decent job in a managerial role; I’m at university, and I’m about to become of the most successful beauty and fashion bloggers. Because I believe. I believed then, and I believe in myself and my capabilities now.

I want every female to feel like this.