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You’ve all heard about the recent disaster that is TFL refusing to renew Uber’s contract in London? Of course you have. 

But I’m not here to discuss that scandal. Uber is that reliable taxi every Londoner loves on a boozy night out. What could be more convenient than a taxi at your service at low prices? Uber changed the face is transpiration, I’m convinced there will be an entire  generation of people who do not possess driving licences. Simple because a hybrid mixture of public transport and Uber’s are much cheaper than driving in London. Uber tapped into an on demand market. 

So what’s even better than on demand transport? On demand make up and beauty services of course 😍. Missbeez is an app that encorporates just that. You pick the service which you desire, the app searches for relevant beauticians in your local area – you pick one, and you don’t need to pay until after the treatment is carried out. 

I recently had a full face of make up applied by one of their beauticians, all in the comfort of my own home. It’s a brilliant idea for busy individuals – you can book services at the drop of a hat. 

I would recommend this app to every avid beauty fan. You can pick from an array of salon services at regular prices, with the added benefit of not moving from your bedroom. 

Laziness, and beauty treatments on demand!? Sounds like a dream world to me! 


How the Foo Fighters helped me overcome depression 

opinion piece

Yesterday I read an article on post graduate depression; which I have briefly mentioned in previous blog posts (how to deal with rejection), and it is definetly a thing. Infact, it’s a big thing that needs to be recognised. Once you graduate you are thrown into the big wide world, with the expectation that getting a job is not so difficult. And it isn’t really, if you want a job. If you want a career in something you studied – that may be slightly trickier. 

I went through this awful depression, and I know other people that have experienced the same. You feel down, powerless, useless. I got that dark feeling a few months ago. I had just got what sounded like my dream job after graduating – a marketing executive for an educational institution. It wasn’t journalism which I studied, but I vowed to keep my freelance work on the side and save up to enable me to complete internships for journalism. 

I won’t go into extreme detail as I would quite like to leave this subject to a forthcoming blog post; but this new ‘job’ turned out to be a complete and utter facade. The company was built upon lies – I had left my long term loyal job to work for a scandalous agency! I felt so betrayed that I had been manipulated and indoctrinated into thinking I was entering a completely different type of company, compared to the bleak reality. The only way I can describe this place (I refuse to refer to it as a workplace because it is NOT), it was like being in what I would imagine WW2 East Germany to be like. We were in a room with no natural light, in a cellar type environment. Our ‘manager’ watched us like a hawk throughout the day, talking was not allowed. We had cameras everywhere (the reason for this was never confirmed), and we were all pretty much convinced that these cameras had sound. It was terrifying to me that this type of work place exists – continues to exist and that individuals are subjected to these unhealthy working conditions. 

This ‘job’ came to an end after just two months and I was left with nothing. 

This is when it hit me. Like a ton of bricks. Waking up at 5am daily, shaking and sweating in pure angst. My anxiety had reached new levels. I knew what was causing it but I had zero control over the situation. It was the lack of structure to my day, the innate fear that I would never find a job. The utter self depreciation of consistently telling myself I was no good, useless. You will never get a decent job repeated in my mind like a choir hymn. 

There came a point one random monday I was getting ready to attend a job interview, I put my iTunes on shuffle. Foo Fighters came on, I remember the moment so vividly. Because it was the pivotal moment where my attitude took a turn for the better. It was their song ‘The Pretender’ which had been playing. So much feeling within the song, and the lyrics at that point in time meant the world to me. ‘What if I say that I’ll never surrender?’ 

I continued to listen to the band for the rest of the day, their uplifting, reflective lyrics helped me remember why I even started trying in the first place. And why I would never give up. 

The Foo Fighters are a great example of why you should never give up. Dave Grohl started out his music career in Nirvana, after Kurts death he was traumatised – but made the controversial decision to start another band. For which he received a lot of criticism for. Thr band went through numerous members, and numerous dramas. But they ploughed through, Dave never gave up. 

Eventually their efforts and talents were recognised. But if they would have gone and got a day job and given up on the music dream – they wouldn’t be where they are today. And that’s just it, despite my self depreciation and anxious thoughts ripping at my inner confidence – I won’t give up. I really no longer care how long it takes me to get where I want to be. I know that I will be there one day, and that is comforting enough. It’s enough, you are enough. 

Sessions by Kate Hughes; amazing pop-up make-up master-classes

Events & launches

I attended the website launch for ”Sessions by Kate Hughes”. What could be better than a professional make-up master-class that strips make-up artistry back down to basics AND travels to you and your friends!? Sessions by Kate Hughes is just that. It’s a pop up make-up academy which runs over a five day duration and the complexity of make-up skills taught increases daily. All you need to bring along is (your face obvs) and your own brushes!

Kate Hughes has been an established MUA for the last 30 years, and so this business is a natural progression. Armed with lovely business partner Zo, they are destined to become an amazing success.

More about the sessions

Seeing as professional make-up is provided, what particular brands are used? Kate herself has commented, ‘’although we love the high end brands, we want the classes to be accessible and affordable, Lord and Berry is a favourite of ours, and we use a lot of Mac and NYX’’.

Anyone with any level of skill can attend the classes; make-up artistry is stripped down to basics and re-taught. Everything from foundation application to contouring is covered. Kate also mentioned her brand is launching a make-up brush range soon – all beauty obsessives keep your eyes peeled.

What also sets aside Kate’s lessons from conventional master-classes, is that additionally you are taught raw business skills. Including how to pursue a career in make-up artistry, how to network your business online, social media management and more.

Lush red velvet cup-cakes with glitter lips, so fetch

However, what really made this event outstanding, (aside from the amazing red velvet cup-cakes with glittery lips on and Prosecco on tap), was the refreshing atmosphere. When attending a beauty event, there is often a misconception that the professionals in this industry are catty/bitchy. This event was nothing like that – everyone who attended was so humble and lovely. It was fantastic to see bloggers / MUA’s/ journalists all sharing ideas and complimenting one another. It was a real promotion to girl power and entrepreneurship. An absolutely inspirational event with a really uplifting feel, if you ever need your make-up skills brushing up – highly recommend Kate and her wonderful business partner Zo.

That’s so hot: best of summer 16

product review

Even if this summer in England was a complete wash-out (quite literally); there is still an intense need to compile favourite / much needed beauty products for summer. Who even needs an excuse to buy more?

  1. Serum me up baby

Chanel -Hydra beauty serum, £78 for 50ml

Let’s be honest buying and using Chanel products can make anyone feel like Audrey Hepburn. The epitome of class; this hydrating serum is a must-have. It smells divine, and it is multi-purpose. Can be used as a primer before make-up application, as a daily moisturiser or treatment for skin. Plus it looks great on your dressing table. (Yes I am that superficial).

Quick tip: Try to buy Chanel products at the duty free section at airports, I got this serum for around £45, which is almost half price.

2. Mattify me

NYX – Matte blotting paper, £3.50 for 50 sheets

NYXX is slowly becoming my favourite beauty brand. Such good value for money – and these blotting papers are a life saver. If, like me after 3 hours your make-up looks like you’ve been dipped in a chip fat fryer; then you need these blotting papers. They soak up excess oil without spoiling your contour, and they fit in your handbag. Cuuuuute.

3. Baby,baby

Maybelline – Baby skin instant pore eraser, £7.99 for 22ml

If the blotting papers aren’t adequate defence against major grease, I would recommend this primer. The trick to achieving a matte face (espesh in summer when humidity makes your face melt off like an Ikea candle), is attacking it from all angles. Prep is the best defence, and with this primer you’ll be as matte as matte can be.

4. Good enough to eat

Hawaiian Tropic – SPF 25 lipgloss in island berry, £6 for 20ml

This does actually smell good enough to eat. And it’s brilliant because it gives a seductive glossy finish to lips, and is intensely moisturising plus has SPF 25 to protect lips from harmful UV rays. If you are going abroad this summer to a country with a hot climate – don’t leave without this sexy (practical) gloss.

5. Milky

L’Occitane – Milk veil with almond proteins, £28 for 250ml

If there’s one thing summer does do – it can seriously dehydrate your skin. This milk veil is the perfect moisturising treat for skin, apply morning and night (after bathing is the best time). This will make you smell gorgeous, and your skin will be as smooth as silk. This milkshake will bring all the boys to your yard!

Recognition: Liebster award 2016


So I’ve heard of this award before – but I honestly never thought I would ever be nominated. As cliché as it sounds, I sometimes even wonder if anyone reads my blog posts?

Like who even are my audience? My cat, my mother and a few random friends who make the effort to read my rushed blog posts (it’s kinda difficult to keep up with working 60 hour weeks).

It feels great to get recognition for what I love doing. Writing is a skill, and it’s a passion. For me it’s what I’ve always loved doing.

Just wanted to thank ”Bluish Taka” for nominating me, go follow: https://moreorlessbluish.wordpress.com/

Blogs that I love that I nominate for the Liebster award:

  1. https://adryanabblog.wordpress.com/
  2. https://emlymay.wordpress.com/
  3. https://plantpicker.wordpress.com/

3 excellent blogs – all written by bloggers who have supported me!

Questions for my nominees:

  1. What inspired you to initially start blogging?
  2. How do you generate ideas for new blog posts?
  3. What are your future goals regarding blogging?
  4. Do you think WordPress is an effective platform for bloggers and why?
  5. What do you think makes your blog unique?


To accept your nomination you must follow these rules (see link posted below):



Good luck guys!




Jimmy Choo Vs Christian Louboutin

opinion piece

It’s the equivalent of Porsche vs Ferrari, only in the fashion world (except neither of these brands are German or Italian); Parisian fashion powerhouse that is Christian Louboutin, with its iconic and decadent red soles…against the Malaysian, London based masterpieces that are Jimmy Choo’s, handmade to perfection with their ever so recogniseable stitched white label.

I have owned two pairs of each (soon to be more if I’m frank about it), so we’re on a level playing field here. Especially aimed at younger females, who may only be able to afford one pair of luxury shoes – you need to be well informed, the last thing you want to do is waste your hard-earned cash.

Starting with the drop dead gorgeous red soles, (I could lick the sole it’s that attractive) on the aesthetics they get a 10/10 every time. They epitomise glamour and class. However, and this is not only my opinion but something I have heard amongst many Louboutin owners – the practicality of the shoes is almost non-existent. Have you ever tried walking on stilts? Me neither, but the Louboutin experience is pretty close to how I would imagine it’d be. Although I opted for the slightly risque 120 mm version; unfortunately almost all of the shoes have this needle thin heel, and no platform at the front to support your foot. But, they still look so beautifully edible. The smell of the leather is orgasmic. Verdict – a worthy investment for a special occasion, but check the website thoroughly before ordering as they now have chunkier heels available which should be easier to walk in. (Beware that Loubs also usually come bigger so get a size smaller then your usual measurement, this will help with the skyscraper heels, giving you slightly better support).

photo (40)Jimmy Choo’s are just as luxuriously glamorous; with their handmade half sizes they fit like a glove and not to mention their high quality leather finishes. Just as beautiful as the Loubs, but perhaps more variety. Which in a way adds to their practicality, you can choose a heel height and width, safe in the knowledge that you won’t break your ankle walking further then 10 steps on a night out. The shoes pictured, I purchased recently and omg. The comfort is unbelieveable. They feel like wedges, like flats, almost as soft as my converses. Seriously, 11/10 for practicality. In terms of pricing, although Jimmy Choo is usually more expensive, they do have an outlet store in Bicester village (Oxford), which means great opportunities to grab bargains. My pair were only £143. Verdict – Although both brands are as prestigious as one another, and both shoes are as stunningly beautiful I think if you have to choose just one – for me it has to be the Loubs. I can’t get over the red sole. It’s too iconic, it’s one of those items every girl must own before she’s 25. Although they are pricey, and difficult to walk in, at the right occasion I’m sure they’ll do me justice. And next time I’ll get chunkier heels, which aren’t paper thin, because frankly I quite like my ankles intact, kinda need them to walk you know. Shiny on you crazy red sole!

It all falls down

opinion piece

”It seems we living the American dream
But the people highest up got the lowest self esteem.”

As Kanye once stated; back when he used to rap about meaningful issues. Before he progressed to make a song about a gold digger and then marry one. Anyway that’s an issue for discussion another day.

Although he is directly referring to the hypocrisy of the ”American dream”, the capitalistic mentality so deeply regimented into American society is very much parallel to here in the UK. What he is implying is that the people who have it all in terms of material goods, those who are ”rich”. Are only thought of as rich in a capitalist society. They buy things in order to make themselves feel better, to hide insecurities. And, perhaps an addiction to retail stems from insecurity.

No-one can deny Kanye’s point. We’ve all been there. Sitting in your bedroom alone on a Saturday night, maybe things in your life aren’t going fantastically. You feel slightly down, but guess what. Buying that gorgeous pair of Kurt Geiger stiletto’s will make you feel better. It will uplift you, the products themselves may even give you confidence when wearing them. But they won’t fix your problems.

When it comes to consumerist culture there is a lot of overlap from all industries; however I feel the fashion industry is often a target for being a representation of capitalism. It’s true that how you dress and what you wear is often viewed as a representation of character; and people will, no doubt judge you for it. You can make so many assumptions based on what someone is wearing. I think particularly as females in western society its almost too easy to be influenced. For example, if you see a girl wearing beaten down converses; you’d probably assume she’s a relaxed, down to earth girl. Probably the kinda girl you can go for long walks to the park with, and doesn’t care too much for her appearance. On the other hand if you see a pristine looking female wearing 11 inch red bottoms – which you know are worth at least £500 -you’ll be staring in awe. She’s that girl. She’s the bitch you love to hate, you want to know her, you want to be in her position. Heck, you just want to be her.

It’s wrong to make these assumptions, and they can often be false. But the stereotypes and the connotations exist nevertheless. And they are one of the reasons we all strive to have a wardrobe brimming with designer names.

But I have a huge criticism of this theory; and I have a problem with accepting that everyone who wants to wear designer brands is a shallow narcissistic materialistic airhead. It isn’t true. Perhaps, quality matters. Maybe just maybe instead of buying a £10 Primark bag which will probably disintegrate after six weeks, or investing in a £350 Louis Vuitton bag which will last you years upon years, is actually a wise investment. I’ll give you a real life example. I drove a Ford KA the other day; aside from the fact I almost crashed it because of the sheer inefficiency of the brakes (still passed it’s MOT though, god knows how), it felt like there was no power steering. Such a tiny car, and yet so difficult to manoeuvre. It felt like moving a tank. I’m used to the drive of my BMW, all cars will get you from a to b. But it’s 2015, you can’t be driving without adequate power steering, to me this is dangerous. It’s not even a matter of taste or preference, I’m pretty sure everyone when driving needs to feel comfortable and confident in the piece of machinery they are moving. It is an offensive weapon at the end of the day. Point being that it doesn’t make me a snob because I prefer my BMW. It’s better in every aspect. Why wouldn’t you prefer it?

Infact, we needn’t even justify our decisions to buy quality. Maybe we just like nice things. And maybe we don’t value these nice things more then, say, spending quality time with family or loyalty or trust.

Maybe it’s just surface value, and maybe judging based on surface value makes you as superficial as the people you assumed were superficial.

Retail addiction is real, I suffer from it also. And I do think I genuinely need help. I can’t even go into Sainsbury’s for food shopping without buying some unnecessary items; usually make-up related. *shake my head*. But, on the other hand having an addiction to buying things isn’t harming anyone. Everyone has their own fixations; and unlike smoking which will turn your lungs black and give you nasty cat-bum mouth, and alcohol which will ruin your liver, and probably your libido. Shopping doesn’t harm you or your body. Beware to the harm it may do to your bank account though.

These examples are microcosms of society at large. But the even bigger problem I have is that we keep blaming capitalism. Who is capitalism? Capitalism is merely a political structure, an ideology. Yes I agree there are several faults, and hypocrisies within a capitalistic structure. To the point that I identify almost 99% with Marxism when it comes to political social views.

Capitalism is naturally criminogenic, within an economic context it also breeds monopoly. This is what we have within the media industry, and indeed the fashion industry, and probably every other industry in the western societies. But monopolisation is a man-made concept. It stems from greed. And greed is a human trait. We’ve gotta stop blaming the system, and actually consider the fact that what feasible alternatives are there to capitalism? We are all criticising it, but we haven’t thought of any realistic alternatives in the meantime.

There’s always communism, but you only have to look at the state of Russia to see how that works. Yeaaaah, no way. Communism does not progress, it causes society to become stagnant. It’s a wonderful idea on paper. Everyone is equal, we are all going to share everything equally. It sounds like something sickly Ned Flaunders would come up with. But it does not work in real life context.

Until we find an acceptable alternative (if we ever do); which I doubt will ever happen because capitalism works for the industrialists. It works for corrupt politicians. It works for the royal family. Infact, it works for all the elite. But, next time your about to judge someone for wearing Jimmy Choo shoes instead of New look heels. Think again, because we have brains. And we aren’t drones to capitalism. Each and everyone of us is responsible for how we act, we have free will. And we gotta stop blaming capitalism for everything. But I really could do with a new Chanel bag. Can’t be seen in last seasons designs can I?