The best beauty products for our recent heatwave 

product review

I don’t know about you guys but this heat is too much for me. I feel like I am slowly melting, my inner core is melting. Everything is melting. But one thing that doesn’t need to have a meltdown is your beauty routine.

Just recently I’ve been reviewing a lot of skincare products for ReallyRee, and coincidentally many of them have been natural products. I am fast becoming an advocate for nature. So the latest is Urban Veda and I just thought this purifying skin wash and polish will be perfect in this weather. The tee tree and mint makes them ultra refreshing, and they decongest the skin.

I also love the Hawaiian tropic dry oil, it really makes me feel like it helps accelerate the tanning process (although the spf deffo isn’t high enough for this weather, I tend to layer this with sun cream). It’s so important to remember to wear protection – just because we’re in England doesn’t mean we won’t burn. This oil is relative cheap and moisturising, plus it smells like coconut & guava!

Carmex has always been one of my faves when it comes to lipcare, I suffer from chapped lips and the hot weather can make this worse. Their lip balms are so affordable and seem to last forever. I don’t think I’ve ever finished a carmex pot?

Make sure if you wear any make up or lip balms that they also contain spf. Burned swollen lips will not be attractive.**(Not a cheap alternative to lip fillers)**

Happy tanning guys!

Summer 17 skincare essentials – L’Oréal fine flowers review 

product review

I really do love a good skincare product. Even though I’ve got tonnes of skincare stuff coming out of my ears, I still shamelessly end up buying more. When I saw L’Oréal’s new fine flowers range on special offer in Boots, I really had no choice but to buy the milk and gel cream wash. 

L’Oréal is such a unique brand in that their product design is always so effortlessly classy – but yet their prices are fair in comparison to what else is on the market. Despite their good pricing, the quality is never compromised. 

Fine Flowers Milk 400ml – The cleansing milk advices you to sweep it across your face morning and night, in order to cleanse and remove make up. However, I found the milk is so soft, that I often find myself using it as a moisturiser. It smells lush, and 400ml? You’d be mad not to invest – 400ml will probably last me the entire year! 

Fine Flowers Gel-cream Wash 150ml – Both products are marketed towards dry and sensitive skin, and they both are very delicate to the skin. The face wash is free from soap and alcohol, and promised to cleanse your face without drying it. And it does just that. 

Overall review: 

I’ll be totally honest, initially I bought these products because they were so pretty. I was thinking gosh, they will look great in some Instagram flat-lays 💅🏻 

However I’m so happy I did invest, they are both great value products that deliver excellent results. I’m particularly impressed with the milk; I have very temperamental skin which is often dry, sensitive AND greasy (my skin seems to be fighting itself from within, even though I’m 24 it has not calmed down). But this milk really soothes my skin, it’s an absolute essential for Summer ’17. 

I mean, who doesn’t want softer skin!? 

The skin issue: miracle of hyaluronic acid

opinion piece

I always get a certain buzz from using products with specially added ingredients that are used in cosmetic procedures; maybe I’m a secret fiend for surgical enhancement.

So perhaps assuming skincare products with ingredients like hyaluronic acid (used in fillers) claiming to help reverse the anti-ageing process is purely psychological? Do they really work at fighting the wrinkles?

Hyaluronic acid is known scientifically for it’s ability to increase viscosity, and it is naturally found in our bodies. Often used in modern times for lip fillers and such, it is an amazing ingredient which is now expanding into the beauty industry. It has a unique ability to retain moisture, which is claimed to be a perfect anti-ageing treatment. I know I’m only 24, but better to start young I say!

Body Clique is an innovative new skincare company who fully utilise hyaluronic acid, they also use bee venom in their products. In their blog they state how it is beneficial to skin, and particularly anti-ageing: ”Bee venom is used cosmetically to trick the skin into thinking it has been lightly stung with the toxin melittin, causing the body to direct blood towards the area and therefore stimulating the production of the naturally-occurring chemicals collagen and elastin. Collagen strengthens body tissue while elastin is the protein that helps the skin to remain taut and bounce back into shape after being pressed or pinched. Moreover, the venom also has the effect of relaxing the muscles.”

They use amazingly unique ingredients, ranging from snake venom to caffeine. But do these exotic ingredients really work wonders on your face?

I was fortunate enough to receive some full size products from Body Clique, and I have to say they don’t disappoint. I was impressed at how well packaged they are, considering the company is a recent start-up. The products appear a lot more expensive than they are.

The facial oil sat on the skin a little more than desired (other facial oils tend to absorb nicely), but they did make my skin very soft. The collagen eye serum is great for under eye lines – it is rather thick so apply sparingly.

I feel like the products worked successfully, I must say my skin was very soft and supple after three days of using the facial oil with dragons fruit.It almost felt as if I had a facial in a salon, or a spa treatment. Over time this effect should progressively increase, and the appearance of fine lines should visually improve. Overall skin elasticity should improve also.

It is rare for me to scout good skincare products as I have very sensitive skin, which is usually too dry or too greasy – or worse a combination of both. Pizza face syndrome.

Unlike traditional skincare products there wasn’t an overbearing smell either, I found the products rather odourless – which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. It made me feel as though the products were more natural, not enhanced with chemicals that just aren’t needed. (It also increased the surgical effect, as if I need an eye lift in my early twenties? but still).

Admittedly I have had lip fillers in the past, which also use hyaluronic acid. And I was very pleased with the natural results, because the chemical naturally occurs in our body.. Technically you aren’t injecting foreign chemicals, which could potentially be harmful.

Hyaluronic Acid you rock!