Five realistic and horrible truths all London commuters know

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  1. Spacial awareness is non- existent

If you have ever had the delight of travelling on the Northern line during rush hour, you will know all too well what a pleasure it is. In fact, any tube line which travels through central London within peak times is despicably bad. Strangers will inevitably touch you, you will have sweaty armpits in your face – your hair may even get caught in someone else’s zip. If you are commute on the tube you learn to accept the fact that personal space disappeared years ago, into the horizon.

  1. Feeling HOT, HOT, HOT

Whether it is 10 degrees outside, or -10 the tubes are permanent furnaces. It’s like venturing into a glasshouse at the height of summer. This can make outfit choices severely challenging; do I bring a coat for after hours, you ask yourself – but then if it doesn’t get colder I’m stuck holding my jacket like a pleb? My advice is to always carry a bottle of cold water, and a cardigan (just in case as British weather is very much bi-polar).

  1. It’s also ICE, ICE baby

Aside from being blunderingly hot in the summer months, the tube is also pleasingly cold during the colder months. I’m almost certain that air-con is on during winter, but somehow malfunctions during the warmer months? This theory is also applicable to London buses.

  1. Fight for your right

If you live / get on the tube anywhere near the middle or end of a line. There is no way you are sitting down, nope. You, my friend, are standing uncomfortably until you reach your destination. It is literally a case of survival of the fittest, London tubes take no prisoners. Furthermore, I have realised when standing, if you move towards the centre of the carriage, you are more likely to get a seat – as people get off gradually, you will be in a prime position to nab their seat. Thank me later.

  1. Strike….a pose?

There will be several strikes throughout the year, despite you paying through your nose for TFL; apparently their workers need more money? So, on these particular days you will struggle to get to work, actually you probably will not be able to get to work whatsoever. Good luck explaining this to your boss.

BUT, despite all of these unfortunate elements, we still continue to pay over the odds for it, we still get where we need to (and pretty fast too by the way).


Five fun things you can do in London for under £20 

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Let’s face it; as Londoners we moan insistently about the god awful weather, the ridiculous queues everywhere you go (even in toilets), and we moan at how bloody (ever increasingly) expensive everything is! BUT did you know there are a lot of things to do in London that are cheap, entertaining and full of culture. 

I’ve been mentally compiling this list for a while as I’ve been on a mission to save money. So here are my hidden gems: 

1. The Tate Modern gallery 

Many of the exhibitions here are free, and often they offer interactive workshops where you can network with industry professionals. And get involved first hand with the art. (I even got to make a key chain for myself and keep it for free). 

They have some amazing exhibitions which are culturally rich and diverse. 

Expenses for the day: 

Museum entry – free 

Food – You need to be organised and prepare a packed lunch beforehand, this way you spend zero on food 

Travel, train fare to the museum return – £7 

That leaves you with a £13 budget to get something from the gift store! Or save the change? 

2. Picnic at Holland Park 

I mean this one is obviously weather permitting. But definetly on a warm(ish) day, this park is lovely to sit have a picnic and a good old chinwag. 

The park itself is absolutely stunning and provides the perfect backdrop for an Instagram worthy photoshoot 💁🏼 

Expenses for the day: 

Return travel for the day – £7 

Food for picnic – £7 

Leaving you with £6 spare – winning 

3. Visit bagel bake @ brick lane 

What do I say in Defense of the shoreditch hipsters ? If you can’t beat em, join em! 


Mouth watering salted beef roll with juicy gherkins, Source: Google Images

You have to try their salted beef bagel they are infamous. 

Plus when you arrive in shoreditch there is usually some sort of free entertainment…… believe me you’ll make a day of it! 

Expenses for the day: 

Travel return – £7 

Salted beef bagel – £3.70 

4. Treat yourself 

Why not get a massage and pamper yourself? You work hard you deserve it. And you can still do this on a tight budget. 

Groupon often have deals on massages, I have found one based in London, which includes a 15 minute chair massage, eyebrow & upper lip threading for just £9

Amazing value. 

Expenses for the day: 

Massage – £9 

Travel return – £7 

Lunch – £4 (Tesco meal deal/optional) 

5. Go and see Shakespeare at the theatre

Too expensive?! Never say never. At the young vic in Waterloo tickets start at just £10 

You can be cultural and cheap if you try hard enough! 

Expenses for the day: 

Ticket – £10 

Travel – £3 (going to have to bus it this time as the budget is tight) 

Food – £7 (opt to find a local kebab shop after the show is finished) 
Enjoy London and enjoy saving! 

Common misconception 

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So you’ve all heard you can legally smoke weed in Amsterdam right. It’s the fundamental reason most people visit the city. It’s nothing monumental to be told this; however before I visited the city, from some people there is an air of snootiness about the place. Which I think is totally unfair. 

Common ignorance would have you believe it’s the seediest of places, with prostitutes on every corner and so much weed smoking that the whole city is covered by a massive cloud of smoke. In fact the truth is, it’s not like that at all. 

There are sex shops. But they look like Ann summers, it’s nothing new. Of course there are strip clubs etc. IF you go looking for them, which I’m pretty sure is the same in every city. Sex sells and there’s always a demand for it.

Apart from smoking weed and visiting the (most interesting) sex museum, there is so much more to Amsterdam. Everywhere you look there is quintessential European architecture, culturally rich and aesthetically pleasing. There are quaint traditional Dutch patisseries on every corner offering an array of delicious looking pastries (do not expect to be on a carb free diet in Holland). And there is also a more relaxed and neutral atmosphere, especially compared to London. I really entered this city with the wrong attitude, and I do not want others to do the same. It’s a beautiful city – make the most of it. Rather then going and getting stoned 24/7. You will miss out on experiencing a fantastic city. 

Fashion & beauty tips for Amsterdam 

As previously mentioned, everyone in this city is so god damned laid back. When you enter central London you see all sorts of fashion eccentricities and glamour. Amsterdam is nothing like that – over the whole weekend I didn’t see one girl who looked overtly glamorous or dressed up. (I only wish someone had told me all this so I didn’t traipse around the city looking like a tourist attraction dressed to the odds like kendra wilkinson) 

1. Casual clothing rules here. Think jeans with a nice top and boots, simplistic outfits. I honestly saw not one person in heels. 

2. Beware of the cobblestones. The roads here in Amsterdam central are mainly cobblestones so trainers or flat shoes which are easy to walk in are highly advisable. 

3. Make up wise most people look rather natural. So go for nude shades, lipgloss and an overal natural glow. 

4. In terms of hair, anything goes here really. But if you want to blend in and look like a local, bright blonde hair with cute plaits to match! (See below image, I really tried hard to look Dutch)